Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Denver Duplex Roof Installation

Thursday, April 16th, 2020 by Francesca Juenger


This Denver Duplex presented several issues.  The roof was weighed down with four layers of old shingles.  There was also bad access from the home to the street with no way to pull a roll-off dumpster up to the house, which meant all four layers of shingles would have to be brought down off the roof and then carried out to the street.  

In addition, the ventilation was outdated and improperly positioned for efficiency.

The neighbor in the adjoining property had decided not to replace their side of the roof so we would need to seamlessly tie into the other side with the new shingles.


We removed all four layers of shingles and shored up the decking.   We installed a Duration Flex shingle, Owens Corning's highest impact-rated shingle, in the color Driftwood.  The shingle was perfectly tied into the neighboring duplex. 

We upgraded the ventilation with Ridge vent and Inflow vents.