Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Evergreen, CO Roofing Challenges

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 by Jordan Faust


This Evergreen, CO home had a roof that was in very poor condition- it had two layers of asphalt and two layers of shake and needed to be re-decked with 7/16 OSB. This home needed a roof replacement before the weight of all the layers caused a structural problem. It was imperative that this roof replacement be completed before further damage was done, and expensive structural damage can result from a prolonged replacement. Fortunately, we could roof this before the snow started to fall. Weather is very tricky in the roofing business, and it changes in Colorado with very little warning. It was not an issue to take care of this home in the early spring weather.


We began by tearing off four layers of old shingles. If there is any snow or ice on a roof, we can scrape it off along with the old materials. A dumpster or dump truck is provided at every job, so that the yard is left immaculate. With the decking exposed, we replaced all sheathing with OSB 7/16 plywood. Two rows of Ice & Water shield were added to all the eaves, as well as all the valleys. To further cover the deck, we installed Owens Corning materials- Synthetic Underlayment underneath the True Def Duration Storm IR shingles, in Brownwood.