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Hail Damage

Roof Hail Damage Repairs in Centennial, Englewood, Littleton, and Nearby CO

Professional Roof Storm Damage Repair

Our Hail & Storm Repairs

  • Free & thorough roof inspection for storm damage.
  • Analyze your: roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney cap.
  • Insurance adjuster and company assistance.
  • Expert fixes of storm-damaged roof elements.
  • Free estimates.

A hail storm is equivalent to someone throwing a thousand golf balls at your roofing at one time. This visual gives a good idea of what your roofing materials go through in a hail storm.

After a big storm, many homeowners' most immediately concern is whether or not the storm will create a leak that comes into your house. Even if you don't get leaking you could still have significant shingle damage from the hail storm. Here at Exceptional Exteriors LLC we're well experienced in hail and other types of storm damage we see in metro Denver. 

We can accurately tell you if you need a simple repair to the roof or a complete roof replacement. So call us at Exceptional Exteriors LLC after a storm to get our expert opinion.

How Hail Damages Roofing in Different Ways

Hail storms damage roofing in many ways and takes years of experience to get right.

Depending on the kind of roofing material on your roof and how the weather conditions are, your roof will sustain different types of damage. For example if the wind is blowing at 90 degrees or close to that the damage may be greater than if the winds and hail come in at a lesser degree.

  • Hail damage to asphalt shingles: The most common kind of hail damage is in the form of small dents where the roof granules are pushed into the shingle mat. The granules typically protect the home from UV aging so these dents do often shorten the lifespan of the roofing material. Insurance companies often cover this kind of hail damage but contact us to check if your coverage applies.

  • Wood shingle hail damage: Wood shingle types can crack from severe hail storms. Most often it's along the wood's grain and may cause some of the shingles to come loose even. 

  • Slate roof hail damage: Slate shingles that are damaged from hail tend to be random in which ones break. Because of the consistency of slate, some could even break apart and slide from the roof in extreme situations. 

Quick Roofing Response for a Leak-Free Home

The high winds that often accompany hail storms can cause blow-off damage that should be repaired right away. Hail-damaged roof shingles may not cause a problem for months or years, but it’s wise to call your insurance agent as soon as possible to see if the damage merits roof repair or roofing replacement. We provide free inspections and estimates for hail damage repair in Centennial, Englewood, Littleton and surrounding areas throughout Metro Denver. Give us a call or get an online quote today! 

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