Choosing a new roof

Thursday, May 16th, 2019 by Francesca Juenger

You’ve decided to put a new roof on your house and now it's time to pick the shingle.  While it may seem overwhelming, this is the perfect opportunity to update the style and overall curb appeal of your home.  

As with any design choice, take some time to think about the look you want to create.   Start a Pinterest board or go to our board for ideas. Online tools like the OC EyeQ tool let you try out different styles and colors of roofs with an uploaded picture of your home.

The first thing to consider is the color.  Pick a shingle with granules that highlight the accent colors on your home, such as the trim or shutters.   If you have a natural stone on your home find a shingle that coordinates well with a shade in the rock. The Owens Corning Designer Series offers colors with more depth and contrast that work well on new and renovated homes. Another consideration in choosing a color is how it will affect the temperature in the house.  The Owens Corning Premium Cool color series is Energy Star rated and designed to reflect solar energy away from the roof.

Another consideration when choosing a new roof is the style.  A thicker shingle will add dimension to an otherwise flat home.  Laminated Architectural Shingles like the Berkenshire can create a warm cottage look.  Tile roofs like Boral coordinate well with Stucco, Brick and Stone for a more European style. Metal roofs or accents give a modern farmhouse appearance.


Choosing a new roof - Image 1

Berkinshire Shingle in Manchester Gray

If you have plans to paint the home or change the siding, do this first.  It will be easier to match the roof later and painters can sometimes scuff the new shingles or overspray onto the roof.  

If you belong to an HOA, don’t forget to get their approval prior to selecting a new roof.  They often have a list of approved shingles and colors for your neighborhood. In some cases they can require you to re-do a brand new roof if it doesn’t meet their specifications.

All too often we rush through repairs to our homes without considering the overall style and then find ourselves disappointed by the results.   A hail storm and an insurance claim can seem like a burden and a chore. But with the right perspective you can turn it into a chance to get the design you’ve always wanted.  We didn’t all buy our dream homes, but we can create them.






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