Meet the Team

Christopher Winters

Exceptional Exteriors LLC

Title: Office Coordinator

Christopher Winters from Exceptional Exteriors LLC

A Colorado native, I grew up helping my Father with his construction business on his days off from
fighting fires. I started my career in the arboriculture industry in 2002 and worked up to the office
manager position. From that point on, I have worked in administration including as the Assistant
Administrator for the City of Del Mar in San Diego, an Assistant Administrator for a construction
company and the Assistant Administrator for multiple financial advisors.
Making the move to Exceptional Exteriors is honestly the best professional choice I’ve ever made. The
company is top notch. My coworkers are all fantastic people, our customers are amazing and the
company’s number one priority, at all times, is to help people. I absolutely could not be happier. I feel
very privileged be able to speak with home owners on a daily bases, order aerial shots of roofs, enter
data, help move along the mortgage process for customers and anything I can do to help this company
and home owners alike.
In my spare time, my wife and I love to write and play music together along with our band. We love
painting, drawing, collecting/restoring antiques, creating of all types and sneaking away to the
mountains. Last but certainly not least, my favorite pastime is listening to The King of Rock and Roll!!