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Evan Hill

Exceptional Exteriors LLC

Title: Sales

Hometown: South Africa

Evan Hill from Exceptional Exteriors LLC
I began my career in the roofing and construction industry at the age of 15 in Atlanta, Georgia. I worked every summer for a general contractor, learning key detailed elements of the entire process of building homes and roofs. I have worked in the building industry in sales and project management in various countries and continents, including Africa and Europe.
Throughout many different careers in various parts of the industry, including marketing, advertising, and many other facets of the sales process,, I always return to the field. There is no better feeling than helping a customer truly in need, seeing them be taken care of and relieving that stress, and my love of being outside, working with my hands always outweighs an office desk.
 In my spare time I Bike, play Softball, Camp, Fish and Hike.
My family moved from the United States to South Africa 17 years ago to do full time volunteer work with the poor and homeless.  I return every winter during the off season to spend time with them and volunteer my time.
I don't like to stand around to long because if I am, I'm not helping someone.  Working at Exceptional Exteriors has given me the opportunity to help someone every day.

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