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Exceptional Exteriors LLC Case Studies: Wheat Ridge roof replacement

Monday, June 17th, 2019 by Francesca Juenger
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This home was ready for a renovation.  The roof old roof was dry and buckling and the flashings were installed haphazardly.  The home had just recieved new siding and paint so we had to be very careful not to damage the new work.


We installed Ice and Water at the eaves and an underlayment of Rhino Roof synthetic felt.  New flashings and vents were installed with Ridgevent across the top ridge for more efficient air flow.   Our crew took special care with the new siding and paint and no damage was done during the tear off or install.  We installed a Owens Corning Tru def shingle in the color Sierra Gray that really worked well with the new home colors.

Project Summary

Project Manager: Trevorr Brown

Sales: Steve Serafin

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